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Finley and Neal Financial Services, PLLC

Finley and Neal Financial Services, PLLC

(979) 848-0951

We consider ourselves to be financial caregivers. We accompany our clients on their financial journey through life’s milestones. Some of those milestones include:

  • Starting a business
  • Managing the complexities of owning a business – payroll and tax compliance/planning
  • Planning for education
  • Planning for and monitoring progress towards retirement
  • Buying or upgrading a home
  • Managing the financial concerns of a divorce
  • Retirement
  • Legacy and transfer of wealth planning – sale of a business/birth of a grandchild
  • Death of a loved one

We have a staff dedicated to helping our clients filter the barrage of financial information available to them. We help our clients make informed decisions and seek solutions to suit their personalities and their needs.

Barry and Mandy have been financial caregivers since 1990.